3 routes for a road trip in the United States

3 routes for a road trip in the United States

3 routes for a road trip in the United States

The United States are one of the best destinations for a road trip. What makes it interesting is the possibility of exploring parks and monuments all along the road in a normal circuit.

What route to take for a road trip?

Here are three routes to enjoy the United States through its marvelous landscapes.

1. Route 66

Mythic road of the United States, this route was created between 1926 and 1937. It was nicknamed “Mother Road” because of its convergence of all the portions of roads in every state. Through its 2,448 miles, to finish this road trip, it can take from two weeks to a month (and even more) depending on the activities during the journey to join the two extremities.

Starting in Chicago to end in Los Angeles, this route passes through eight states in the USA: sweeping Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona, and, of course, two most famous places: California and Las Vegas. Officially, this road doesn't exist anymore. However, it's always possible to get through this path.

2. US 20

Nicknamed the “Gif Daddy”, it's the longest road in the United States. Spanning to 3,365 miles bonding the extreme East in Boston, Massachusetts to the Western place in Oregon, California.

Passing through Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and finish in Oregon. Also, it passes through the Great Salt Lake, the saltiest lake of the United States and Yellowstone National Park sheltering the Grand Canyon, and some geysers making this park a natural thermal place for relaxation and also for a good therapy.

3. Highway 63

Built in 1970, the Highway 63 is astride only two States: Arizona and Utah, on 100 km. Nevertheless, it offers the opportunity to admire the red rocks and the aridity of the desert. Its interest comes from its plan through Monument Valley, an exceptional site in the United States.

This route offers views of natural wondering landscapes, elephants and camel-shaped hillocks or "Totem Pole", a rocky outcrop standing upright. There is also "The Thumb", as its name shows, it has the form of a thumb. The most interesting fact: all the names of the rocks relate to the imagination of those who observed them. By the way, the Navajos call Monument Valley "Tsé Bii 'Ndzisgaii", which means "valley of the rocks".

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Some travelers said that “the greatest part of the trip isn't arriving at the destination” but how travelers had appreciated it in general. That is true because during this, memories are created and it makes the best moments of life. Then, book your car, pack your suitcase and discover these incredible routes in the United States for an unforgettable road trip.